Inter-cloud Challenges, Expectations and Issues


The goal of the cluster it is to create a critical mass of projects addressing the topic of multi-cloud and inter-cloud approaches so to share experiences, collaborate on approaches and discuss challenges for adoption and future research.

The simultaneous or serial use of services from diverse heterogeneous cloud providers is a challenge in order to further develop the Cloud market in Europe. While it presents a series of issues with regards to  interoperability among heterogeneous private and public clouds, services’ comparability, portability, migration, networking, … It also offers innovative market opportunities in order to avoid vendor lock-in and for the development of new roles in the cloud market related to hybrid cloud models such as cloud aggregators and brokers.

Today a number of research projects are analysing this problem from diverse perspectives and focusing on specific parts of these and other identified challenges.

Within this cluster we aim to offer a forum in which to collaborate in order to elaborate a broad EU perspective of the Inter-cloud question, so to establish means of project’s collaboration in two ways:


  • Technical collaboration across projects
  • Collaboration on scientific papers
  • Share/Develop best practices to approach technical collaboration with Open Source Communities
  • Developing roadmaps for future research

Dissemination & Exploitation

  • Organisation of joint workshops with both academic and industry focus
  • Support to individual projects by organising project innovation management events
    • Approach to EIT Labs, FIWARE or others identified in the future.
    • Organise joint exploitation workshops so to bring together researchers, technology transfer experts, legal experts, industrial experts, as well as external venture capital experts and get recommendations for projects.
  • Whitepapers on specific topics.

Contributing projects

Please note this list is preliminary and subject to confirmation of interest by projects.


Research Roadmap Update – October 2016

This document updates the initial work of the Inter-cloud Challenges, Expectations and Issues Cluster concerning the identification of Research Areas and Challenges.

Inter-cloud Challenges, Expectations and Issues Cluster Position Paper – December 2015

It provides an initial research roadmap for Inter-Cloud computing development areas as well as classification on different areas of work for on-going and past projects.

  • The paper identifies a Cluster’s vision of Inter-Cloud topics development by 2020 and it presents and prioritizes both research areas and specific research challenges.
  • In addition, we produce a analysis of EU funded research projects in Inter-Cloud area in  which we have classified existing project’s work in relation to: Inter-operability approach, Topics and Scenarios addressed, Standards used and enabled Use Cases.


December 2015 – Initial research roadmap and project´s classification.

October 2016 – Update to Research Roadmap

Next steps

  • Set-up Technical Working groups for more detailed collaborations among project’s in the cluster.
  • Participation in NetFutures 2017


  • Ana Juan Ferrer, Atos
  • Maria Tsakali, European Commission



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