Software Engineering for Services and Applications


In the last years the advancements in software engineering have lead to an increasing automation of aspects such as testing, deployment, management of new releases, and, at the same time, have allowed researchers and practitioners to identify new approaches for creating and operating software and services (think of DevOps as an example). However, we cannot stop researching.

The increased maturity of software engineering goes along with an increasing variety of societal and business needs, which, in turn, determines an increasing complexity and peculiarity of services and applications. This has lead to the development of fields like IoT, Big Data, Cyber-physical systems and to the introduction of new complex technologies (e.g., Spark, Storm) and even new “software-defined” paradigms for infrastructural resources. All these help addressing several problems but require specific expertise and skills.

In this context, the mission of software engineering is to offer the right tools and methods to guide users in all activities connected to the lifecycle of applications and services, through the usage of technologies and new paradigms, still ensuring productivity of processes and quality of software (performance, availability, evolvability, reliability, …).

This cluster aims at facilitating the discussion among the experts in the area to exchange experiences and competences and to identify research directions and challenges as well as common plans to address them. In particular, the specific objectives being pursued by the cluster are:

  • identify complementarities and synergies  as well as possibilities for collaboration/results adoptions between projects;
  • identify new challenges and trends to influence the European research agenda;
  • organise common dissemination (publications, training and workshops);
  • identify effective go-to-market strategies for the outcomes of research projects.

Public documents

Important events we have contributed to

Involved projects

Others to come

Cluster organization

  • Cluster Coordinator: Elisabetta Di Nitto (Politecnico di Milano)
  • Coordinator Deputies: Leire Orue-Echevarria (Tecnalia) and Geir Horn (University of Oslo)
  • Dissemination coordinators: Luis Ballester and Andreas Ocklenburg
  • Reference Commission Officer: Odysseas Pyrovolakis


Elisabetta Di Nitto elisabetta.dinitto AT

Internal page only for cluster members


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